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Transition from VA76 TO BK9

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Transition from VA76 TO BK9 #6575
Just bought a fab BK9. Immediately found that it wont read my VA MusAss or perforfance files. Anyone know of any programs out there that will do this? Also, would it be harmful totry connecting a stand alone USB zip drive to the USB stick slot ? to see if there is any chance that I could tranferfiles that way.
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6 months 5 days ago

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Transition from VA76 TO BK9 #6576
There was added the ability to read G70/E80 UPG flies by the BK-9 in an update (I’m presuming you are updated to the latest OS?), but I’m fairly sure there is no ability to read VA/V series data. I’m pretty confident that there would be no way to directly read a USB ZIP drive. However, I see no reason that a computer could not transfer the ZIP’s files to a USB stick and then at least try to see if any of the data is readable. You should at the very least be able to play any VA styles that don’t involve the use of any Variphrase sounds.

But, all in all I think that you should prepare yourself for the likelihood that you will have to start from scratch. This is not in itself a bad thing, though! The BK-9 has many, many new styles and sounds, far more capable MFX insert effects, and with work will be able to give you a FAR better sound and capabilities. And you are far more likely to investigate and use them if you can’t simply load your legacy data...

If you still have your VA arranger, it won’t take long to pull up a VA entry, call up the style you used (if you put them on the stick) and duplicate the sounds you used, create a Performance, and move on to the next. It seems like a lot of work, and you might save yourself some time if you search the MA in the BK-9 to see if that song is already there, but once done, it’s done...

I mean, after all, you got the BK-9 to sound different, better, right? I know of many players who were able to transfer all their old data on other arrangers (Yamaha and Korg did a good job of easing migration when new models came out) and even Roland tried to ease migration to the BK-9 from the previous series, but then found themselves basically sounding virtually identical to where they came from. Seems like a lot of money to end up sounding the same!

Just be glad that once you do the work, and have perhaps used the Makeup Tools to revoice your older styles to use the new sounds and kits, you will feel like you actually HAVE stepped forward 20 years. I did this for my entire song list when I migrated from the G70, and reworked all my styles and SMF’s. It took weeks! But it was worth it. I got a FAR better sounding end result, and I didn’t sound like I did before. I am glad now I did the work.

Finally, in Roland’s defense, I don’t think I know of any arranger that was compatible with data from a model from 20 years ago... At least Roland will recognize style files from back then, which is more than you can say of some!
6 months 4 days ago
BK-9 BK-7m G70. Kurzweil K2500S, Korg Triton. Samick upright piano. iMac 27", HR824 monitors.
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