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Roland G70 user tones

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Roland G70 user tones #5500
Hi Roland users.. I have an issue years ago with an exr 40 in saving custom mixed tones.. The user prog allows you to do so but with a defined style.. I had to save different tone set in 2 or 3 user pog numbers with same user or default style and so on with all the sounds I set.that's not good for perfomance where I have to change sounds I already mixed and tuned.. Kind of limitation
My question is do I have to do the same with my G70. Which I recently got..? Or is there the possibity to save my sounds sets and change between them without changing styles.. Thank you for answering my stupid questions..
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Roland G70 user tones #5501
Unfortunately, no, Roland have long had no way to store User Tones in a User Bank or anything like that. The new E-A7 arranger can to a certain extent, but it is still not really up to workstation like operation.

However, there are a few workarounds...

If you use a UPG to store these edits, you can then use Performance Hold (I think that's what it was called in the G70 days, it's been a few years!) to 'hold' the style while you call up your stored Performance with your Tone edits in it. You can also 'hold' splits, arranger settings etc, basically everything BUT the Tone. Once you call up the UPG (Performance in BK-speak) with your edited Tone, you can then save it as a full UPG with style and Tone ready to go.

The main problem here is you can't hold UPR or LWR Tones separately, so if you want a custom edit for more than one Tone in a single UPG/Perf., you are going to have to create a UPG with BOTH (or more) edits. So it helps, if you find yourself using the same combinations of edited sounds a lot, to create UPG's with all the edits on all the sounds.

Another way to store a bunch of different Tone edits in one place is to make a set of OTS for a User Style, and once again use Performance Hold to capture them and hold while you then go and load a different Style.

I know it's a PITA, but it's the 'Roland Way' and I rather doubt we'll ever see a serious change. We did get 'Favorite Tones' in the BK series, allowing us to mix and match our favorite ten Tones for each Part and easily call them up, but sadly, Roland only allows us to store ROM versions, not edited ones. So close, and yet so far!

What I do when creating my Songlist is basically have a whole bunch of 'template' UPG/Performances, with my most often used combinations of edited sounds, layers, etc., then call one of those up and load a style or SMF/MP3 afterwards and be ready to go quite quickly. But bottom line is, if you want to do the 'old school' system of calling up Tones and Style on the fly while you perform, modern Roland arrangers don't really allow you to do this easily if you want edited sounds. Performance Hold works to a degree, but it is cumbersome to use on stage and slows you down. Modern arrangers simply have too much choice and capabilities to be able to go 'old school' well any more. So committing to the UPG/UPS (Performance/Performance List) system completely is really the only way to get full control and fully utilize a modern arranger.
1 year 6 months ago
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