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All BK-9 internal styles

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All BK-9 internal styles #6279
Recently, I got a BK-9, and since nobody did it, I dumped all internal styles, these are unedited, so probably some won't sound good on older models without tweaking.
I have a Genos and it' a totally different world :-) but I always missed some Roland sounds and styles, (perhaps nostalgia?)
I started it all with a PRO-E, then G-800, G-1000, VA-7 and G-70), but after lack of new models from Roland I changed to Korg Pa2x - Pa3x, and then to Yamaha with the Genos, and I really like it (they will add the chord sequencer also with next update, I used it a lot on older Rolands). So when I found a very good deal for a used BK-9 I picked it up, and I'm using it when I go to play with some friends, it's a lot lighter to carry than Genos :-)
8 months 2 weeks ago
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All BK-9 internal styles #6280
Thanks Dave. Best of luck with the new Genos. A hell of a machine (for a hell of a price!)...

One thing I REALLY like about the Roland over the Yamaha is those SN guitar sounds. While Yamaha still tend to insert the performance effects like hammer-on/offs based on velocity, Roland went cleverer and had you PLAY the hammer on or off, but substitute a sampled hammer-on/off to get the articulation correctly. This means you can play as hard or soft as you want without unintentionally triggering the effect. After all, sometimes you might WANT a loud note without a hammer on (or a soft one with!). I have played several SA2 Yamaha arrangers, and never felt quite in control or that it was ME playing the guitar. Roland asks a bit more of the player, but rewards them with far greater control and the satisfaction of knowing it was you who pulled it off!

(BTW, try taking the SN Jazz Guitar and feeding it through the Amp Sim MFX... Rock guitar heaven!)

I am intrigued by the new Yamaha Chord Sequencer system, with a choice of eight per Registration. This definitely makes the CS a much more useful feature when faced with tunes that don't have a simple ABABAB structure. With separate loops for the Bridge and Chorus etc, now you can do ABACABB type structures, or even have whole tunes from top to bottom on separate loops and do on the fly medleys, etc..

But there's one thing they could have done better... Naming the loops. I am not in love with the loop displaying the first few chords, and the loop name in MUCH smaller type and a light gray on a darker gray background. I am unconvinced that is going to be easy to read on stage, and accidentally going to the wrong loop is a total disaster in the making! Hopefully, Yamaha will rethink this, and allow the display area and font used for those silly chords (what's the point of only four chords displayed unless you are doing tiny chunks?!) to have the name of the loop, like 'VERSE' 'CHORUS' 'BRIDGE' etc..

It's the little details that make or break the usefulness of a feature. Unless the loops are easily seen, it is taking your life into your hands to actually use the new system! Once you've got a few hundred songs under your belt, there's no way you are actually going to remember what each loop is for. Try to get Yamaha to look into this, Dave. I think there's room for improvement...

After lugging the G70 around for about 10 years, TBH the Genos doesn't strike me as too heavy, LOL But yes, the 20 lbs for a 76 action BK-9 is pretty much the lightest 76 arranger there is..! I have an SKB hard plastic case for it, and the thing in the case weighs less than the G70 did alone!

I am quite envious, Dave. I have felt for quite a while that the BK-9 and the Genos was the perfect combination, each one's weaknesses covered by the other's strengths. Feel free to post up some playing, we'd love to hear it! And thanks for the style dump. That's quite a bit of work to hand save each style separately...
8 months 2 weeks ago
BK-9 BK-7m G70. Kurzweil K2500S, Korg Triton. Samick upright piano. iMac 27", HR824 monitors.

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