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Cleaning keyboard knobs

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Cleaning keyboard knobs #6614
What kind of solution do u use to clean the knobs and buttons on top of your keyboard. Ones used continuously are really grimy. Thanks
4 months 4 days ago

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Cleaning keyboard knobs #6617
First of all, do NOT clean the knobs while still attached to the keyboard. The best way to clean off grime is simply with some soapy water (dishwashing detergent is good) on a cloth or gentle brush (an old toothbrush works well) and you don't want to risk the liquid getting down inside the potentiometer. So gently pry off all the knobs and slider caps and clean those separately, then reattach...

As to buttons that can't be removed, I use two VERY slightly damp cloths, one with a detergent/water mix, VERY well wrung out, and one with plain water, again VERY well wrung out. Gently rub the buttons with the dilute detergent cloth, making sure to check whether any wetness is getting down into the space around the button (blot with paper towel if it is, and wring out the cloth drier to prevent it happening again) until the grime gradually removes, then finish by repeating with the water only cloth to remove any detergent. Do it slowly, take your time. You don't want to be too rough, and you don't want to accidentally rub off any panel graphics (if they are old or flaky).

Also, be realistic... If your keyboard hasn't been cleaned in years, if some of the grime comes from hands that might have had something more staining than just sweat (tobacco, I'm looking at YOU!), or if the keyboard was in a smokey club and wasn't cleaned after playing, you may never be able to get the buttons back to completely showroom floor new model quality. But you should definitely see an improvement.

And then, to mitigate the problem for NEXT time you want to clean it, two things - Try to wash your hands BEFORE you play every time, and make or purchase a plastic/vinyl dust cover for it (cloth is far less effective), which will prevent airborne particulates from sticking to it after you have played and deposited a bit of sticky sweat on the buttons (if you aren't sweating, you aren't playing hard enough!). Both of these will make the need for cleaning much less in the future.

And one last thing... If you play out, and transport your keyboard in a case, don't forget to clean out the case from time to time..! I am amazed how dirty some peoples' cases and gig bags can be, and what's the point of cleaning the keyboard if you put it into a dirty case?!

A clean keyboard is a reliable keyboard. You can put years of extra life on a cherished keyboard by simply doing some regular light cleaning, and storing it covered and clean. Given that Roland seem to have abandoned the pro arranger market, it is going to be more and more important to preserve the remaining ones we have...
4 months 3 days ago
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Cleaning keyboard knobs #6643
That's indeed the way I am doing it. Works perfectly.
4 months 12 hours ago
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