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Only FOUR fills on the E-A7. How does it handle older styles??

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Only FOUR fills on the E-A7. How does it handle older styles?? #6730
The G-70, E-series, BK's, etc., all had SIX fills: three "up," and three "down." The E-A7's manual, however, states that it has only four fills, all "up." So presumably: Var 1 -> Var 2; Var 2 -> Var 3, etc. I suppose the fourth one is triggered when you go from Var 4 to Var 1?

Now the real question: When you load an E-series or BK-style in the E-A7, two of the fills must necessarily be ignored. So which of the four are preserved? (or is the manual a misprint?) I'm trying to create a style on my E-50, and I want it to be forward compatible in case I eventually get an E-A7. Thanks!
2 months 3 weeks ago

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