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Roland G70 Guitar Mode Demo

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Roland G70 Guitar Mode Demo #6267
I notice there are no decent guitar mode demos (any brand).. So I decided to do a quick demo and try to show as many features in a minute and a half demo.. I have a guitar sound in the lower, and in split 3. Showing different strums, arpeggios, and root, fifth, and lowest

5 months 1 day ago
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Roland G70 Guitar Mode Demo #6268
For me, Guitar Mode was a complete bust. If it were part of the style engine (like everyone else's) it would have been an industry leader. But to relegate it to hand playing ONLY (or preparing guitar strums for an SMF) it was of limited use. And, of course, it is pretty counter-intuitive to use, requiring the RH trigger notes to be arbitrarily away from normal playing in the key you were in.

You can get great results, but without the style engine doing it automatically, it's of very limited use. Compare it to Korg's guitar mode, which does basically the same thing, but in response to simple style chord input, and you start to see how wasted this feature was. Another in a long line of innovations Roland were too lazy to finish...

Take the chord sequencer as an example. Dropped from the G series, didn't reappear until the BK series, and only on the TOTL BK-9. Unable to transpose on the fly. Unable to Link to a Performance. In the meanwhile, Korg adopted it for both TOTL and MOTL, fixed the non-transposing in an update and Linked saved CS's to the Songbook entry (the Korg equivalent of the Perf. List).

Now Yamaha come out with one for the SX900 (shortly to be added to the Genos) that adds the wrinkle of having up to EIGHT chord loops tied to a single Registration.

In the meanwhile, Roland sleeps. Or, maybe just rolls over and dies? I have never seen a company so horribly underuse the innovations they themselves invented. Everything that is good in other brands was done first by Roland and dropped! It's almost like they want so desperately to be different for Y&K that any time they adopt a Roland feature, Roland drops it for being not exclusive any more.

Roland really could write the book on how to fail at making great arrangers: Start with a great arranger (G1000) and keep dropping the best stuff until there's nothing left and your competition keeps adding what you drop and making it better. Kudos, Roland! :evil:
4 months 4 weeks ago
BK-9 BK-7m G70. Kurzweil K2500S, Korg Triton. Samick upright piano. iMac 27", HR824 monitors.

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