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Missing items

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Missing items #5816
The 16 tracks in the sequencer have only keyboard parts UP1,UP2 Lw1,etc or the individual instrument on that track,
can`t see MFX anywhere.I did the "UNDO CHANGES" in Badmoon but got the same readings.Regarding making recordings
I always do the "AL IN ONE GO"route.Select tones for UP1,UP2,UP3,LW1,LW2,MBASS,press record button,select intro VAR 4,
play first LH chord and record song,finishing with an ending.There is no further editing.
11 months 1 week ago

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Missing items #5819
Try playing the first chord BEFORE you press record (if you have chord hold on). Anything you can do to help the recorder not have to deal with recording played input on that first tick helps clean up the file.

You can also help a finished product by slowing the tempo a hair (and speeding it up afterwards) which gives the processor more time to record stuff occurring on the same tick, and not playing RH stuff during the initial capture. It kind of depends on what you are shooting for, a faithful recording of a live performance (in which case an audio recording is perhaps easier) or a polished studio recording... In which case overdubbing the solos gives you the best opportunity to play them without having to concentrate on any LH duties.

As an example, my workflow for this is to turn off ALL keyboard Parts while I lay down the backing, use both hands for chords and bass inversion (this allows for better control of inverted chords), slow down the tempo to the slowest I can comfortably play (this helps my timing and minimizes any chord glitches, plus gives me the most time to get to the Variation and Fill buttons if I’m not using the FC-7).

After this I check for any flubs and redo if any exist. Then I speed up the backing to close to full speed for the solos (sped up solos don’t sound quite right!). Record any comping (and you can do it two fisted for better rhythm), then go for the solos... This allows you to work the bender and modulation fully rather than when your LH duties allow.

As I said earlier, if you want a faithful recording of a live performance with no editing, an audio recording is far simpler. But once you decide to edit, overdub or alter in any way the recording, you might as well use every possible means to deliver a flawless product...
11 months 6 days ago Last edit: 11 months 6 days ago by Diki.
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