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BK7M Faulty

1 month 2 weeks ago
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BK7M Faulty #72
I have a BK7M that has developed a fault. The unit is out of warranty. I contacted Roland support and they said take it to an independent engineer. I am wary of this since some engineers will know less than i do.
When it powers up I get the ROLAND splash screen but then it goes blank. If I power up hold the Red Write key I get a prompt for Update Mode.
I put the 1.5 firmware on a USB and powered up holding the write key down. The USB was accessed and I got the message "Loading ...", however it did not complete with "Success".

So it looks like the CPU is working but maybe the program memory is failing. I took the unit apart and couldn't see anything obvious to change on the processor board like a backup battery.

Any ideas ??
Are there any diagnostic scripts I can run from the USB memory stick ?

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1 month 2 weeks ago
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BK7M Faulty #73
Is it possible you misheard or had a translation error? The BK-7m is still in production, and a Roland Authorized Service Center should be who you get to do anything to it.

Warranty or not...

You do run the risk of damaging the unit attempting an aborted OS upgrade, though. I seem to recall that update took a LONG time to register...

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