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Templates can save you time!

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Templates can save you time! #2881
When creating Performances for inclusion in your Performance List, there is a way you can save yourself a lot of time if you have a few 'go to' layouts and control assignments you use a lot...

At the top of my main Performance List, I have a few Performances I use as templates. They aren't really for performing with, but serve as a 'starter' Performance I can then dial a style or SMF/MP3 into, select the sounds I need, and not have to bother checking MFX assignments, split points, velocity curves, switch assignments and the other myriad things you can change.

I have one for Style Mode with a LH split for LH chords, one for Style Mode with a LH Bass (and the style ABS Part muted) and chord recognition set to Whole Pianist2 mode, one set up for SMF's with split where I like it, and volume pedal control of the RH Parts only, etc., etc..

Then when creating new Performances, I can select the one closest to that song's needs, quickly call up the style or SMF/MP3 and RH Tones, do a quick mix with the sliders if needed, and then save as a new Performance (appropriately named).

Saves a ton of time!

BTW, if you only use styles, or SMF/MP3's or play live with no backing, and basically use the one layout for everything, you can set up your 'go to' Performance, then go to Performance Edit, scroll to the bottom and do a 'Save as Default', which will let you power up your BK with that exact Performance even without calling up a Performance List and selecting a Performance.

Another use for this Default is if you leave your BK somewhere that others might get on it and be tempted to play... Set your Chord Recognition OFF, all Style Parts muted, all keyboard Parts with the volume at zero and no Parts selected to play. Now, anyone that simply powers on your BK is presented with something that makes no sound whatsoever! They can hit any button they like, it won't play... That will get them off it quite quickly!
4 months 3 weeks ago
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