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Time for Roland to fix Sequencer/Makeup Tools issues...

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Time for Roland to fix Sequencer/Makeup Tools issues... #848
Probably my greatest frustration with sequencing on the BK-9 (and I would expect other BK's... not sure if this affects E-A7, please inform if different) is if you do any Makeup Tools editing before you start to edit in the sequencer (built in or DAW).

If you take an SMF you have edited with Makeup Tools and play it in the 16-Track Sequencer (on the BK-9) or an external DAW, none of the Makeup Tools edits play..! You can 'Freeze' the track, and SOME of them will play OK, but only main things like PC#, and CC things like reverb, chorus, etc. and (iirc) velocity offsets of whole Parts.

But any drum edits, MFX and EQ edits and a whole slew of parameters simply refuse to play. The problem boils down to the idiotic idea that sysex ID for the 16 sequencer Parts is different from the sysex ID that Makeup Tools gives them. So the sequencer is playing them (whether internal or external) but the Parts receiving them have a different sysex ID, so they don't work.

Any future Roland really needs to address this. It is horribly frustrating to have to edit your sequences while not hearing the Makeup Tools edits. Particularly in the case of drum edits and MFX inserts, the sound of the sequence played without the edits is radically different, making it very hard to make mixing and note editing decisions.

IMHO, the Makeup Tools 'save' option needs a button that converts the sysex into the correct ID for working with external sequencers, and the 16-track sequencer needs a button to convert the sysex ID back to the ID the Player needs. That is, if it isn't possible for Roland to engineer it so that the same sysex ID is used for both Player and Sequencer (which would be ideal, but not sure if it can be done using the current sound engine).

Does the E-A7 suffer from this issue?
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