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BK 9 User Drum creation

2 months 3 weeks ago
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BK 9 User Drum creation #800
I am trying to make a custom drum kit on my BK9.

Has anyone had much experience with this who can please help with the below?

In the Drum Instrument edit screen it just lists "Chorus" and "reverb" and you can adjust their levels only.
Can you actually go in and edit the "reverb" and "Chorus" themselves?

An example of what I am doing is trying to add Delay to a hand clap on a TR808 kit and adjust the hand clap's reverb to a bigger room etc...


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2 months 3 weeks ago
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BK 9 User Drum creation #802
No, a drum kit can only go to the global reverb and chorus. You can also insert an MFX on the drum Part, but there are no individual sends, so you can't for instance use it on only the one sound within the kit.

But one thing you CAN do on a BK series arranger is have multiple kits in a style or SMF. This way, you could have one kit set up to delay (by using an MFX) and over-reverb the handclap, and the other with the rest of the sounds at normal reverb level and no delay.

Obviously, you lose a normal Part this way. With only eight for the styles, this might be an issue, but with sixteen for SMF's, you can almost definitely spare one!

You can adjust the reverb and chorus settings, but they are global, so you couldn't for instance have a big hall on one sound and a small room on another.

Lastly, of course, if using SMF's, you have the option of recording the drums to audio, on separate tracks (separate passes to the DAW), and then the sky's the limit on what you want to do to each sound! You can then play the SMF as an MP3 or .WAV rather than as MIDI.

Plenty of ways to skin a cat! :evil:

BK-9 BK-7m G70. Kurzweil K2500S, Korg Triton. Samick upright piano. iMac 27", HR824 monitors.

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