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BK9 Audio Key issue

2 months 3 weeks ago
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BK9 Audio Key issue #734
Regarding my BK9
I have recently been adding audio key recordings to some performances, using the G7 key assigned to a foot pedal.
It took a bit of time to understand exactly how to do this, we i now have success.
I just have two niggling problems,,,,,,,,,
If i set up 2 performances for one song, and I switch to the 2nd performance while performing and the 2nd one has the Audio Key embedded, the Audio Key flashes, But I then have to press the Audio Key to enable it. Then,,,,, and annoying dialogue box appears in the left window telling be that the Audio Key has been assigned and I then have to press a button to clear the dialogue box.
I have to attempt to do both these tasks while playing and singing.
Is there a way of disabling the need to do both these tasks??

many thanks


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2 months 3 weeks ago
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BK9 Audio Key issue #740
Have you tried setting the Audio Key Set to the first Performance (but not pressing the pedal for it)?

I haven't tried doing this, but in general, on the BK-9, resources loaded up for one Performance are ready to go when you switch to other Performances (set to the same resource).

BK-9 BK-7m G70. Kurzweil K2500S, Korg Triton. Samick upright piano. iMac 27", HR824 monitors.

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