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How much would you pay?

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How much would you pay? #631
We often have threads with wishlists of features not currently available on Roland's current lineup. What we seldom have is a serious discussion on how much we'd be willing to pay for those features!

Let's talk about the current TOTL arrangers from Korg and Yamaha (and maybe throw in some Ketron and Wersi figures to boot!). I'll use US Dollars as a baseline, but feel free to chime in with figures from your area if it changes the comparison much...

Korg PA4X.... Roughly $3,800 street for 61, about $4000 for the 76
Yamaha Genos.... Advertised widely at $5400 street, but available for less by negotiation
(Yamaha demand high advertised prices, but allow dealers freedom to discount as long as privately).
Ketron SD9.... About $4200 street
Wersi Sonic OAX1... About $10,000 after needed software and libraries added (List price, but steep discounts are hard to negotiate, AFAIK)
Wersi Pegasus Wing 2.0.... $3900 list, but additional sound and operation libraries are $140+ each

Now let's look at Roland's current offerings.

E-A7... $1299
BK-5... $999
BK-3... $600

That's it. BK-9 is discontinued. Used to be available roughly $2300. Street price on the G70 when in production was pushing $3500, E80 a bit higher.

So, we are looking, at a minimum of $2500 more to get into TOTL territory, and $3500+ to get into Genos and higher country. :woohoo:

So, I know it's all well and good to make wishlists of things we'd like to see on arrangers from Roland, but be honest here... Would you REALLY be willing to pony up an extra $3000 for just a few of them? I can't honestly say I've ever seen a wishlist that didn't ask for at least some stuff even PA4's and Genos don't have (multiple touch screens, for instance, or VSTi capabilities). I've seen wishlists for basically every TOTL feature from not only the arranger lines, but TOTL features from synths and workstations and VSTi's, too! But no-one ever adds up what buying all those separate features would cost..!

So... is it time to make up a wishlist of what you'd actually be willing to pay for?
10 months 23 hours ago
BK-9 BK-7m G70. Kurzweil K2500S, Korg Triton. Samick upright piano. iMac 27", HR824 monitors.

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