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New thread for manuals...

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New thread for manuals... #445
I have started a thread where we can put Roland arranger manuals.

I have started off with the BK series, E-A7 and G70/E80 manuals in English. Please feel free to add to this thread if you have other manuals (I am missing the E50/60 and G1000 so far).

Also, if you have a collection of manuals for Roland arrangers in other languages, feel free to start a new thread in 'Miscellaneous' with the same format (one arranger per post).


We have other sections for things like updates, ROM styles and other data, so - Roland arranger manuals only, please!
1 year 2 weeks ago
BK-9 BK-7m G70. Kurzweil K2500S, Korg Triton. Samick upright piano. iMac 27", HR824 monitors.

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New thread for manuals... #456
Manuals and support documents for the G-1000 / EM-2000 and E-60 / E-50 are now added!
1 year 2 weeks ago Last edit: 1 year 2 weeks ago by Willem52.
Roland E-80 V2.03 + SRX-06 + SR-G01, FC-7, PK-5, SC-8820 and EMU Xboard61.

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