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How many of us use SMF Markers?

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How many of us use SMF Markers? #405
Just a general inquiry...

If you use SMF's, I find putting Markers in them incredibly useful. A lot of us stick with styles probably for the convenience of structuring the song how we feel, adding an extra solo, jumping back to an earlier verse if we feel like it, skipping to the ending if we want to move on to another song more quickly...

But how many of us realize that using Markers in an SMF gives us the same possibilities?

Styles certainly have their uses, but I have always felt uncomfortable with how much they tie up your left hand (even with a Chord Sequencer), and I miss the far better basslines and chord leading that real music has (an arranger doesn't know what the next chord is until you have played it, so walking lines and leading chords cannot be used in the style unless it's for a very standardized structure like 12 bar blues).

MIDI files (SMF's) don't have this issue (if made well), but without Markers, simply go from start to finish identically every time... Boring!

Markers eliminate that problem. Play as many solos as you want! Skip a verse. Do a double chorus. Transpose the extra last chorus up a half step...

Best of both worlds!

How many have used SMF's but never tried the feature?
1 year 3 weeks ago
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