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BK-9 in the house

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BK-9 in the house #5619
Greetings Roland fans. I posted several months ago that I'd acquired the BK-5 and decided to get a BK-9 which arrived a month ago.

As a reminder I am a VA series fan. I still own two VA-76's and wouldn't have minded to continue to gig with them, but at 48 pounds (I can't believe I've been hauling these around all these years) it is time to move into this millennia. Zip and floppy files are also archaic, but with the finickiness of the BK I'm wondering if the old VA tanks have lasted because they are made for battle!

It is clear the BK offers much more editing capacity to sound in every way than the VA series, which adds an additional learning curve when setting up this keyboard for gigging. I have been reading and experimenting with the various ways to save songs, performances, etc. and have not yet been satisfied with a group of parameters for each performance that are easily accessible. The VA was a much, much better gigging keyboard for this reason, and saving on the fly was easy.

Performances do not save instrumentation (Upper 1, Upper 2, Lower) and recall them specifically when that performance is loaded, right?

I am an android user and am reading your posts that refer to use of hardware and software that is IOS proprietary. This may be problematic, maybe not, but if there is anyone who is working with android/DOS/windows that has successfully integrated this instrument to that end please help! I see that some of you edit files via computer and this is going to be necessary for my sanity with this keyboard, I think.

I bought a couple of fun MP3 files and was really enjoying them when they suddenly stopped intermittently. After trouble shooting the usual suspects I decided to convert the files to wav. No good. Then to midi. Nada. I ran these files through a couple of other programs looking for glitches or to see if they are corrupt and they worked fine in midi software and standard players. Since these started as (probably) kar files or mp3 with lyrics there must be mismatched tracks? Any suggestion for editing software that isn't Apple based that might be helpful? Am I missing something?

I would really, really like to get this keyboard out this summer. I am trying to get along and play nice with it. I am concerned about this touchy file stuff and that it won't store a basic template. Moving between songs is a nightmare! It shouldn't be this difficult! Sorry I am so cranky, but I've just spent 4 hours going over 2 files. A true Diva!
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3 months 2 weeks ago

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BK-9 in the house #5620
For starters, no, each Performance stores EVERYTHING...

That is, the sounds for each Part, the vol/pan/chorus/reverb and MFX settings for them, and keyboard settings like velocity sensitivity, split points, controller settings (expression pedal and sustain) and also the settings for the edit sliders (2 for MFX, 3 for sound control).

Then it also stores the style used, or SMF or MP3/WAV (it doesn't store the actual style or SMF/WAV, just the pointers to where on the stick or Internal memory they are). It stores the arranger settings (chord recognition type and zone) and whether Dynamic Arranger is on or off (and custom settings for those), arranger 'Hold' etc..

Basically, it will store EVERYTHING you need to do a song..!

As to your problem with the MP3/WAV, if that file started out as a .KAR or .MID file, how did you convert it to being an audio file? Something is wrong here... KAR's and MID's are data files, MP3/WAV's are audio files. Two completely different things.

If you are having issues with the audio stuttering on the audio files, first thing to check is whether you are using a freshly formatted USB 2.0 stick. Formatted in the BK9, that is. I've had issues with stuttering audio occasionally with sticks formatted in computers and loaded with thousands of files, but never with a nice USB 2.0 stick formatted in the BK. Do NOT use an old USB 1.0 stick... too slow!

I think perhaps you are trying to run before you have walked... I suggest reading carefully once again the sections on creating Performance Lists, and Performances. For starters, create the List FIRST... then when creating Performances, they will all get stored to the same List. If you create a Performance before you load a List, it will create a new List every time, with just the one Performance in it.

Then I suggest a careful re-read of the section on editing Performances. This is where you customize everything for each song.

Naturally, as you get into a workflow you understand, it is possible to make template Performances, with your most used settings already loaded (arranger settings, splits, stuff like that) then when creating a new Performance, simply load the template Performance and then set the style or SMF/WAV you want and store the Performance with the name of the song.

I can assure you, the BK9 is a gigging dream to use, bombproof (nothing finicky about MY USB sticks!), but, without a touchscreen (VA series didn't use those, did they? I went from the G1000 to the G70 and skipped the whole V/VA series) it can take time to dig down into the editing architecture on the gig, it benefits from being run with a Performance per song (and with 999 in the List, your entire gig repertoire should probably sit quite comfortably on one List) rather than old school hand calling up the style and sounds and settings on the fly.

But even there, there are some tricks like the Favorite Tones (10 favorite sounds for each Part easily called up no matter how far down the list of sounds they are) that can call up stuff on the fly easier than the VA series.

Just have a little patience, take time to familiarize yourself with the OS (BTW, check to make sure it is at v1.06, the latest OS), and understand it is 20 years newer than the VA, so things are done somewhat differently (but easier, once you understand how to do it), read the manual slowly and carefully, one section at a time, and I am sure you will begin to appreciate the BK9 for what it is... IMHO, the best accompaniment keyboard Roland ever made..!

Any particular questions you have, feel free to ask them (please make a separate thread for each different question, so our other BK9 users can find things easier by searching thread titles).

Your stick issues should go away with a fresh new stick formatted in the BK, I use MP3's extensively and they NEVER stutter. I think it's likely that the stick itself is the culprit. For what it's worth, I use PNY 64GB USB sticks...

Stick with it, I'm sure you'll come around!
3 months 2 weeks ago
BK-9 BK-7m G70. Kurzweil K2500S, Korg Triton. Samick upright piano. iMac 27", HR824 monitors.

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