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Roland Arranger Manuals

4 months 2 weeks ago
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Roland Arranger Manuals #455

Roland E-80 V2.03 + SRX-06 + SR-G01, FC-7, PK-5, SC-8820 and EMU Xboard61.

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4 months 2 weeks ago
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Roland Arranger Manuals #461
Please, manuals ONLY!

I don't think we need sales brochures, do we?

But thanks to everyone for adding it. I may go through all this later and collate it into one post per arranger.

Bear with us on the layout issues, Admin is still waiting for information from the forum software people about what went wrong.

At the moment, the file names are difficult to see, if this doesn't resolve itself after the software is fixed, I may take all the files and make a section in the Files subsection where it's easier to view.

BK-9 BK-7m G70. Kurzweil K2500S, Korg Triton. Samick upright piano. iMac 27", HR824 monitors.
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