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TOPIC: Roland... Selection of Style Families.

Roland... Selection of Style Families. 07 May 2017 20:03 #5891

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Back in the day, when arrangers had FAR fewer styles, the idea of a button to call up your Rock styles, or your Jazz styles, or your Oldies made great sense. But fast forward to the 21st century. Over 500 styles in the BK-9, in 10 'Families. That's over 50 styles per Family. Some many more...

That's just too damn many to be scrolling through to find stuff on a gig.

So, perhaps it is time to adopt the system you use with the Tones..? Repeated presses of the Tone Family buttons runs you through the hundreds of Tones in groups. The Piano/E.Piano family goes through Ac. Pianos, Rhodes's, DX7 pianos, Clavs, Harpsichords, Vibes and Marimbas and Celeste's, etc..

Sax Brass family goes Tenors, Altos, Baritones, Sopranos (though why they aren't in order beats me), Oriental, Brass Sections, Synth Brass, Tubas, Fr. Horns, Trombones, etc. (though, once again, not really in an optimal organization - you are more likely to need trumpets before you need a tuba!).

So, although fewer Families than the G70 (10 as opposed to 16 on the G70), still relatively easy to find Tones despite 10 buttons for 1700 sounds or so.

This strikes me as the perfect way to organize styles. In fact, they are already organized in the list to a fair degree. But the Family buttons do nothing :ohmy: It opens on the first page, and that's it. But there are 78 8-Beat/16-Beat styles alone! 150 odd Disco/Dance styles. WAY too many to be scrolling through to get to one down the list.

PLEASE, Roland, please consider using the same code you already have for Tones on the Styles. Multiple presses of the Family button to run you through groups of styles...

While we are at it... :evil:

Please consider letting us set up Groups for selection of User Styles using the RHYTHM FAMILY buttons. It would take ONE more button (you could even offer an option in Utilities to toggle the Metronome button, which few use, from Metronome to User Style if adding a button is not an option), then allow us to organize our OWN styles (or edits of the ROM ones) into the same groups of Families. Currently, selecting a User Style while playing if you haven't set up a Performance to get it is a nightmare of navigating endless folders and scrolling like a madman to try and find something in your 1000's of User Styles. All while you are still playing. :woohoo:

It would be SO EASY to allow us, like we do with the Favorite Tones idea, to organize calls to these User Rhythms so we can get at them as easily as we can the ROM Styles.

It's the little things that make the difference between an OK arranger and a GREAT arranger! B)
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