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TOPIC: Makeup tools vs edit for SMF

Makeup tools vs edit for SMF 01 Dec 2015 07:47 #3288

  • bigalminal
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I edited a standard midi file the other day just using Makeup Tools. Then I decided that a couple of notes needed changing, so I went into edit mode to change the notes. When I came back to Makeup Tools later on, all the changes I made in Makeup Tools had reverted back to as they were before I started. So I had to redo them all Is this normal?
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Makeup tools vs edit for SMF 02 Dec 2015 21:31 #3291

  • Diki
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If you want the majority of your Makeup Tools changes to remain after a trip to the sequencer, you need to 'Freeze' first before it goes to the sequencer. However, a couple of caveats...

Freezing doesn't get them ALL (I don't have a list of what doesn't, but I know that some drumkit sound changes may not show up, so YMMV). Secondly, once you freeze, ALL Makeup Tool changes are permanent, so you lose the ability to 'undo' your changes.

Personally, I try to make a point of editing anything grossly wrong with the NOTES in the sequencer first, then move on to the Makeup Tools fine tuning. A lot of sequences, for instance, don't have proper count-ins. I always put those in first. Then any piano or keyboard parts that I want to play are removed (but left in in sections I want to solo over, if necessary). Rinse and repeat.

It's a delicate balancing act, knowing what to edit in the sequencer first, and what is done best in the Makeup Tools, but with some practice and experience, you can usually get it right.

Finally, I would make a habit of saving your SMF with the Makeup Tools edits BEFORE you freeze. This way, should something go really wrong, you can always go back to the Makeup Tools edit and start again. Not only that, but after a freeze and sequencer edit, if something sounds funny, you have a record of what you did in the Makeup Tools to each Part (and the undo to see what it was BEFORE you started editing). Always a good idea, to keep a backup of each stage of a production so you can walk yourself backwards without a ton of work redoing everything.
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Makeup tools vs edit for SMF 02 Dec 2015 22:27 #3293

  • marko
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I agree with Diki,
I think that the best way on BK after changing parameters using Making Tool is to save it on a MIDI file.adding a sequential number on MIDI FIle name. .
On Making tools menu, you can find "save".choice.to do it..
You can find old making Tools parameters loading one of saved sequential MIDI File..
Beware if you edit file on MIDI editor file on PC or on Mac you can loose parameters ....
My advice is always Editing MIDI file at first on PC Midi Editor and then on a BK.. .
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