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TOPIC: Forum posting suggestions

Forum posting suggestions 13 Feb 2015 21:27 #1595

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Before you post, please take the time to do a few things...

Firstly, make sure you are in the correct section of the forum. Obviously, put music related questions (this includes buying advice, comparisons, tips and tricks, operational questions etc.) into the 'Music Related' section. Pretty much everything OTHER than site operation questions (inquiries about your account, site feature requests, things like that) go into Music Related...

Secondly, if you have a question, please take the time to do a search of the forum... your question may have already been asked and answered, it's unfair to make everyone else either answer it again, or have to point you to the answer, which you might have been able to find for yourselves!

Thirdly, try, as much as possible, to stick to the original poster's (the OP) intent... If you have a question basically nothing to do with the OP, start a new thread, please! This will help your question get answered easier, as it is not lost in a thread with a different title.

Fourthly, please try to give advice (if you have any) that answers the OP's actual question. Be careful about offering highly technical do-it-yourself repair advice (with pictures of the interior of the arranger and tech pages from the official repair manuals!) before you have even found out what HE needs, or whether he is capable of the work...

I realize that threads often spiral away from the OP's original intent, that is the nature of conversation... But if the thread seems to get stuck on something altogether different, please make a new thread. You can always ask a moderator to 'move' the older thread's posts about the new subject to the new thread, so the conversation remains intact.

Finally, please try to remember that players of ALL playing skill levels, and technical proficiency post here. Try to ascertain whether you are talking to an expert before you offer 'expert' level advice. Most arranger players tend to be amateur hobbyists, don't go for the full repair technician explanation until you are SURE he understands and can use it!

Thank you all...
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