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TOPIC: Roland Prelude and Roland BK-9: Compatibility Performances

Roland Prelude and Roland BK-9: Compatibility Performances 11 Apr 2016 16:47 #4097

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Good Morning:
1) I wonder if the performances saved on my Roland Prelude can use the Roland BK-9
2) Is it possible to connect via midi both keyboards? Makes sense?
Thank you very much and a very good week!

Graciela Beatriz Restelli
(BK-9 No. Series. Z2D2140)
Graciela Beatriz Restelli
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Roland Prelude and Roland BK-9: Compatibility Performances 12 Apr 2016 01:01 #4102

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The OS v1.06 update added the ability to import G/E/VA series Performances, but it says nothing about Prelude.

How did the Prelude store your User Performances? On a stick, or in its internal memory? Did the Prelude have a UPS file (User Program Set, which was what a Performance List was called back then) stored on the Preludes USB stick? Is there a folder where UPG (User Programs) are stored?

To be fair, as different as the two arrangers are, I'm not sure it is very likely that they will have any compatibility. But hey, you have both, why don't you try? Follow the instructions for importing a G series UPS and UPG's, and see if it works. I doubt it, but you can try! After further review, no, don't even try... they are too different!

Maybe you have a set list of thousands of tunes worked out, in which case, you are in trouble :woohoo: but honestly, if it's just a few hundred, perhaps it's simply worth the trouble of recreating the old Performance on the BK-9 by hand, at which time you can pick the best of the newer sounds (and the greater number of MFX and EQ opportunities) to make it BETTER?

If you have any styles in the Prelude that didn't make it to the BK-9, of course you can save them as User Styles, and the BK-9 should read them (but you may need to Makeup Tools edit them, in case they use sounds either not in the BK-9 or in a different location).

From reading the Prelude manual, I'm sorry, but I noticed the data structure and names are VERY different to the G/E series, so honestly, I really doubt you'll be able to import them. But if it's not thousands, I see no reason why you can't have the arrangers set up next to each other at home, and simply go through your Prelude Performances one at a time, and recreate them in the BK-9. I'm not sure I'd go to the bother of carting BOTH arrangers around, just to save yourself that step... Playing them simultaneously is going to be more of a hassle than it's worth, IMHO.

Just knuckle down, and redo the work. Sorry. :dry:
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Roland Prelude and Roland BK-9: Compatibility Performances 13 Apr 2016 00:47 #4116

  • aviro
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Some detail ad info
Prelude is the same OS system as the GW8 ...performance are stored into internal memorie (max.128 places) and you are able to backup on usb-stick as a backupfile ....but there is no datamanager to give a set a different name (HELL) . just always the same file.
(be carefull that you don't overwrite your already made backup on USB !!!!!!!)

performance on prelude also have different structure, It is not a al saved setting, you have part on style settings, user tone's, and system(keyboardlayout) separate. absolute not compatable with any other Roland USER performance (ups/upg),
NO , you just follow DIKKI's advise . copie the "idee" of your performance to create a new one on your BK-9 .
Find the converted internal style's on the web from GW8/Prelude to BK serie's or G70 as you have some you realy like and not found a style match on your BK-9.

Good luck
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