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TOPIC: Multi track recording on the BK9

Multi track recording on the BK9 06 Sep 2015 09:14 #2758

  • Milly
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I am pretty new to the Roland BK9, my purchase was in May/June this year, and think its absolutely wonderful.
However I am not the most gifted of keyboard players, and neither am I the most Techy person out there, so sometime the discussions here go way over my head.
One of the things I was wanting to do, was to play a chord arrangement and record it, then add as many melody layers to it as necessary to make the complete song. I contacted Roland to find out how to put a track down onto the 16 track sequencer using the arranger, and was told you arent able to record that onto the sequencer to then multi track melodies.
Obviously you could use the Chord loop, but then you have to do the intro's endings and changes to the arrangement manually which I also didnt want to do.
I just wanted to play the arrangement side all the way through, complete with into/ending, and all the fills etc.
I worked out that you can just record this as you would any solo performance, then when playing that back, you can hit the record button again, and play melody over the top time and time again until you end up with the final performance you wanted..
Im probably telling you guys, and you already knew this, or know an easier way to do it, but ive found nowhere in the manual, and Roland themselves certainly didnt come forward with this idea when I asked them.

Love your music
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Multi track recording on the BK9 06 Sep 2015 19:48 #2765

  • Diki
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I'm not sure I understand your issue...

You can record an entire song using the arranger as a MIDI file, and then open it in the 16-track sequencer and add more Parts on tracks that aren't already used by the arranger Parts. Isn't that what you want to do?

Secondly, if the timing of Intros and Endings is an issue when using the Chord Sequencer (remember, it can record the entire song), try playing the chords MUCH slower, so that getting the buttons right is much easier. Then speed it back up again before making the pass that records the whole thing to an SMF. Alternatively, as long as you know the length of the Intro and Ending, you could slow the style down, play only the chords and fills, and then play the Intro ending buttons those as you record the SMF (at a slower speed) into the Recorder.

One of the big advantages to recording your arranger at a much slower tempo is that your timing on the chords should be much better, which will help minimize the little 'glitches' in sound if you play chords fractionally late or early. Once you speed it back up (use the Common page of the Makeup Tools to do that easily) they become much less noticeable.

Personally, I think that you are expecting a lot of a Roland tech to know much about the arrangers... Most of them tend to be far more synth orientated types, and know little about the arrangers, particularly the BK-9, which hasn't sold many units (from what I can gather). But you ARE finally in the right place!

If there's anything you need, we'll try to help... B)
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