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E-A7 Music Assistant.docx

Contains links to youtube, so you can hear the song and (where possible) see the lyrics. Enjoy it.

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  • Guest - Tormod

    I just got the E-A7. I'm not a musician and this is my first high end keyboard. Is there something obvious I'm missing?
    I do not understand this list.
    It's an awesome list of awesome songs, but are these downloadable setups for the E-A7? How do I download them?

    Should there be a dowload link with the youtube links?

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  • Hello Tormod,
    I'm not a musician too, but I bought the E-A7 as an affordable quality keyboard.
    This machine contains hundreds of pre-installed accompanions for well specified songs.
    Push 'L' UPG/UPS list, maybe followed by 'Music Assistant' and you have a list of these songs. My problem was to link the blurred song titles to the real songs and... I mostly know the refrain but not the rest. This .docx file gives you the real song names and if you need help to remember the melody, click on the link and you hear it. You want to sing ? Mostly the lyrics are shown.
    Have a lot af fun with your keyboard.

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  • (I registered)
    Thanks for explaining. Too bad the kids have gone to bed. I will have to wait till tomorrow to try it.

    Looks like there is a lot to this keyboard that I don't know about.

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  • Found it.

    This is awesome. And now I have lots and lots of enjoyable homework ahead of me.

    What do these configurations contain?

    Do they set up the multi pads?
    Do they have settings for various themes (intro, main, chorus, solo) in the song?
    Do they set up the numeric keys by the distortion lever?
    Do I "ruin" the setup by pressing the 4 "one touch" buttons or do these contain tones from the song rather than the tones from the vanilla version of the chosen style?

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  • Greece

    Hi Zaphod,
    As I'm not a musician, I'm not that familiar with all those special possibilities of this machine.
    Most of the time, I even do not understand the meaning or the purpose of a setting.
    Now about the 'Music Assistant".
    As far as I know : it contains the Style (and with the style its intro's, endings, ...)
    it contains the settings for UP1, UP2, UP3, LWR.
    it contains the information for the Assignable Switches (above the distortion lever).
    it contains info for the 4 'one touch' buttons.
    about the multi pads, I'm not sure. I do not use them (by now).
    Using the OTS (one touch) : push longer on one of these buttons (also while playing) and on the left screen the options are shown. Then you can choose the tones you want.
    Just try it. I have the E-A7 for 4 months now (not using it daily...) and I master only 5 % of it.
    Too complete for a guy as I am.
    Have fun,

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  • Here I'm back again.
    About the OTS's...
    They contanl information on different aspects.
    You can define which aspect will be adapted using the OTS.
    Pusch 'menu' 'Global' 'ne touch lock settings'.
    Here you define what is modified pushing a OTS.
    - tempo
    - intro/ending
    - variation ! default = OFF, what means 'NOT locked', so is MODIFIED
    result : ;)when pushing a OTS, the variation goes to VAR1.
    I modified this setting to ON. Now the actual variation is kept.
    If you understand what they mean, you can modify everything.
    If you do not understand, you also can ;)
    Enjoy your machine.

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