The story

When I bought the Roland G-70 right after the release in December 2004 it had quite a few bugs. In an attempt to find workarounds for these bugs and to gain more information about the keyboard, I started contacting other G-70 users on the Internet. By April 2005 I wrote so many e-mails to other G-70 users that I had to do something else. I literally drowned in e-mails. 

By the end of April 2005 I decided to build a website, the "Roland G-70 User Club Denmark". The website grow into a huge success with 1.3 million visitors and more than 1.000 registered users during the first two years. 

By April 2007 was released as a replacement for the G-70 User Club website. The user club was now a global User Club.

In 2005 the main focus was on the "Roland G-70 Music Workstation" and later came the "Roland E-80 Music Workstation". By 2014 focus is not that limited anymore. The BK-series series and other keyboard series are discussed in the community.

From 2005 to 2014 much  happened in the area of online social networking and by July 2014 I decided to rebuild the website to give it an updated look and to introduce several new community features (activity streams, groups etc.).


Kind regards

Søren Weiss 

Founder of

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