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The forum is relaunched 28 Dec 2017

During 2017 it turned out that it was not possible to continue easily updating the software components on the old forum. The main reason for this is that the technical design of the old forum was rather complex using several software components.
Because of this matter - combined with less time for me to invest in the project - I previously announced to close the forum. However, during x-mas holidays I have decided to relaunch the forum instead of closing it. The new forum is very simple seen from a technical perspective. It runs on a Joomla CMS system and uses only 1 software component, the Kunena Forum. I hope to be able to keep the forum up2date at all times with this simple setup.

Unfortunately it was not possible to migrate the data from the old (2014-2017) forum, so you need to manually copy any important forum threads from the old forum to the new forum.

The new (2018-) forum is running on a temporary domain ( ) for a few weeks. While running on the temporary domain you can copy all relevant information from old forum threads to the new forum. By end of January 2018 I will move the new forum to . When this happens you will no longer have access to ANY information from the old forum on

Notice: you need to create a new account on the temporary domain.

Diki Ross will be moderating the new forum.